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Pec Hotel Staff Ltd Terms & Conditions
'The Agency' refers to 'PEC HOTEL STAFF LTD'.
'The Client' refers to a company who engages The Agency to seek a suitable worker.
'The Applicant' refers to a person who is registered with The Agency for the purpose of seeking employment with a client.
  1. These Terms & Conditions shall in all respects apply to and govern all contracts or agreements made between The Client and The Agency, no servant or employee of The Agency has power to vary these Terms and Conditions save by a notice issued in writing by The Agency and signed by the Directors.
  2. All personnel provided by The Agency are permanent staff in that they will be employed by The Client, not by The Agency.
  3. All conditions of employment of The Applicant including salary, travelling expenses, hours, any residential requirements or arrangements, duties, holidays and periods of notice shall be agreed directly between The Client and The Applicant. While The Agency will offer advice on such matters, it can take no responsibility for any contractual arrangements made between The Client and The Applicant, nor resolving any disputes arising there from.
  4. The Client must inform The Agency immediately to confirm the engagement of The Applicant. The exact date of commencement of employment must be given at this time and also The Agency´s ‘PEC Offer of Employment’ form must be completed, signed and returned.
  5. All details concerning The Applicant, which are passed to The Client by The Agency or directly by The Applicant, following introduction by The Agency, are confidential.
  6. The Agency endeavours to provide The Client with applicants as well suited to The Client as possible and to this will seek to furnish The Client with all relevant information concerning The Applicant and to check details, documentation and references. However, the final responsibility for any decision to employ The Applicant rests with The Client, who is therefore strongly advised to check detail, documentation and references personally. The Agency shall not offer any warranty as to the suitability, honesty, character or capability of an Applicant, nor shall it be liable for any loss, damage, cost, injury or inconvenience caused by an Applicant or arising from the introduction of an Applicant by The Agency or any of it´s employees.
  7. The Client shall be wholly responsible for obtaining any work permits as required and/or for satisfying any medical, safety or qualification requirement as required by law.
  8. Any use by The Client of The Agency´s services, implies The Client´s agreement to these Terms and Conditions, which shall be deemed to have been made in England and any such Agreement governed by English Law. Any proceedings arising out of, or in connection with such Agreement, shall be brought in court of competent jurisdiction in England and Wales, and the Agreement shall preclude recourse to the regular courts of law outside England and Wales.
  9. Invoices will be sent on commencement of employment and payable upon receipt (with the exception of fees for chefs, covered in the next point).
  10. AGENCY FEES FOR CHEFS: PEC Hotel Staff Ltd will charge a commission charge of 4% of the chef's annual gross salary for Junior Commis Chefs and 5% for Commis Chefs.

    The charge of 7.5% of the annual gross salary will apply to chefs de partie, sous chefs and head chefs.

    The Commission charge will be invoiced on the applicant's arrival to the hotel, payable strictly within 28 days.

    Provided full payment has been received within the specified time frame and the chef does not complete the agreed length of placement, PEC Hotel Staff Ltd will refund a proportion of the commission fee paid. We calculate on the basis that PEC Hotel Staff Ltd retain £200 for the first month and £150 for every successive month or part month the chef has been employed.
  11. The Agency shall be entitled to charge a penalty on any fees unpaid at the rate of 10% above the basic bank rate.
  12. All information and conditions detailed under ‘AGENCY FEES’ shall be taken as forming part of these Terms and Conditions and all due fees set out there shall be deemed payable to the Agency by The Client whether or not The Client fulfils condition 4, above.