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Registering Your Hotel With PEC
Before a hotel can view our on-line details of available staff, we must ask them to register as a PEC Member. We are sure you will appreciate that we only can only let bona-fide hotels have access to these personal details.
PEC Members have quick access to our regularly updated on-line staff database. Here you can rapidly search for your particular staff requirements, and request CVs or Bookings for individual applicants. If you can't see what you want, you can notify us of your needs and we will do our best to fulfill them.
Online registration is free, quick and easy. First you provide your own user name and password that you will use to enter the 'Members Only' area of our website. Then you are taken to the page where you provide your hotel details and contact information. Please note that we only use this information for our communications with you, and it is not divulged to any other person or organisation.
Once you have submitted your details to us, we will quickly verify your application and then notify you that your access to the 'Members Only' pages has been activated. As a Member you also have access to your own details so you can update them at any time.
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