Pec Hotel Staff Ltd
Since 1998 PEC has run successfully as an agency providing EU applicants to UK hotels. We send staff to establishments ranging from prestigious 5 star hotels to small family-run businesses.
Here at PEC our policy is to help human resource teams in every way we can, and therefore it is vital to have a good dialogue with HR managers regarding any problems which may be encountered with our staff. If our staff have difficulties which they feel they cannot communicate to their employing hotel, they may phone us up, in which case we liaise with the hotel to sort out or remedy any confusion or problems.
Our office is manned from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and until 4pm on Fridays. We always act on answering machine messages which can be left any time out of office hours. We look forward to providing you with many staff in the future.
The staff we provide for you are mainly young people, who vary between experienced hotel staff with a good level of English, to inexperienced people with less English. We try to ensure that we recruit good, reliable staff, and that the information we provide about them is correct and gives a true picture of their abilities and experience.
The staff we provide for you are mostly from European Union countries. They are therefore entitled to work in the UK and are subject to UK employment law.
They should be paid at least National Minimum Wage, according to your normal salary scale, and should be regularly assessed to see if they can be up-graded. All our staff will require accommodation. We offer people for contracts ranging from 3 months to 24 months or longer.
How do you get one?
Firstly please complete and return our Registration form. It is also useful if you phone us to chat through your requirements in detail.
You will then have access to Applicant CVs. If one (or more) of these looks suitable, let us know quickly using the on-line facilities or by phone. Then we will arrange for them to phone you for a chat/telephone interview. After that phone call, you confirm to us that you wish to take the person on (they will also confirm to us that they are interested). You can then email or fax the completed Agreement Form which we will have sent you, for the individual concerned.
If you use your own company contracts, please let us have a copy of one relating to any of our staff that you take on. I pass the completed Agreement Form on to them, at which stage they can book their flight. We let you know their arrival details.
It is hoped that staff who work well and make good progress with be rewarded with promotion to higher grades of pay, and perhaps moved to different departments within the hotel to improve their breadth of experience.
PEC Hotel Staff Ltd take care to provide good, reliable staff, but cannot be held liable for any damage, unsuitability or liability incurred by any hotel staff member provided by this agency.